is this even real life?

Imagine being on holiday and seeing receipts coming through your email from people buying from you. All whilst you are at brunch with your girlfriends, football practice with your kids or sipping piña coladas in Bali…..

That’s what happened to me


Living my best life

Drinking piña colada in Bali


You know you have what it takes

But we get it, being an entrepreneur is tough, especially when you Do it yourself.

Resting Boss Face is an online learning platform with a mission to help the next generation of thought leaders, build their business, position themselves and make money turning their Passion To Profit. We believe that every person has a superpower to share with the world, and we help them to go from idea to sales so that they can create the impact they were born to make.


With our online school, private and group coaching, we help entrepreneurs avoid overwhelm and build a business that they are passionate about. With an emphasis on systems and scaling, Resting Boss Face is inspired to help them spread their message by building a business and life they love.


What is Passion To Profit?

Passion to profit is an online course designed to help early stage entrepreneurs learn how to launch, grow and monetise their Passion.

Each module is a step by step using our unique B.B.O.S.S methodology that has generated over $10 million in sales, to get your business idea out of your head and into the world.

Video trainings, workbooks, ebooks and more will help you turn your Passion To Profit.

This is an all inclusive plan of action using the tried and tested system so that you can feel confident launching your business.

Each module covers the following:

We know that getting your business up and running requires clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies. You want to build faster, create better, and make money ASAP. But doing this alone is overwhelming and time consuming. So we are including even more bonuses when you sign up to Passion To Profit now!


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Just wanted to say as well even though it’s week 1, Ive never felt so motivated to get it done. The clarity from yesterday has pulled me back into where I should refine my target market.
— Myrrah D
Myrrah D Testimonial
Fantastic course with great material and coaching. Participating with others also helped inspire and encourage. Highly recommended!

— Ruth W
Ruth W Testimonial
In just a few shorts weeks with Tara, it was like the clouds lifted. Not only did I have more clarity to back myself, I also knew what steps to take to keep progressing on the right path. Tara’s course and it’s much-needed structure saved me many years (plus all the headache and the disappointment) of trying to figure it all out myself.
— Keah N
Keah N Testimonial
Tara’s course was great for me, having already started my business but not quite getting off the ground. Her modules helped me to see where the gaps in my business were and gave me new ways of promoting my business effectively. The fast pace but supportive course was beneficial as I wasn’t wasting my time on a lengthy course but was getting my business moving forward and planning ahead while my business grew.
— Jaz Y
Jaz Y Testimonial