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turn your unique passion & expertise into a profitable business

how to build a 6+ figure business working from anywhere

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Wednesday @7pm

Hosted by Tara-Jay of Resting Boss Face

What you will learn

  • SELECT YOUR BUSINESS IDEA—a unique idea that sells!... even if you don't know what to sell or think you're "not expert enough"—You'll be confident after this class!

  •  CREATE YOUR FRAMEWORK IN RECORD TIME: Learn how to create your business in just 1 day , even if you're just getting started in business

  •  GET PREMIUM PRICES: The must-have’s to attract your IDEAL CLIENTS and get customers—How I made $5,000 in 14 days using this method when I had no brand, no website, no following & no product!

  •  HIGH PAYING CUSTOMERS: How to find your most valuable PAYERS on social media—how I earned $$$$ in 1 month from Instagram 


Hi, I am Tara!

I am an 8 figure entrepreneur, business mentor to female entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a keynote speaker on female entrepreneurship.

I founded Resting Boss Face to help female entrepreneurs get their business dreams out of their heads and into the world . Passion To Profit is an online course that helps people start and grow a profitable business.