How to turn your unique passion & expertise into a profitable business in 2019

how I grew My own 8 figure business working from anywhere

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Creator of Passion To Profit


Since 2013, Tara-Jay has done over 8 figures in sales including helping other entrepreneurs make and raise millions of dollars by finding their superpower and monetizing it.

Tara-Jay created Resting Boss Face to help female entrepreneurs get their business dreams out of their head and into the world. She currently runs Passion To Profit, an online course that helps people start and grow a profitable business.

She is an award winning, 8 figure, international entrepreneur and has helped other women:

- Go from start up to 6 figures in 12 months

- Get over $150 million of investment

- Create more free time to spend with family

What you will learn

  • SELECT YOUR BUSINESS IDEA—a unique idea that sells!... even if you don't know what to sell or think you're "not expert enough"—You'll be confident after this class!

  •  CREATE YOUR FRAMEWORK IN RECORD TIME: Learn how to create your business in just 1 day , even if you're just getting started in business

  •  GET PREMIUM PRICES: The must-have’s to attract your IDEAL CLIENTS and get customers—How I made $5,000 in 14 days using this method when I had no brand, no website, no following & no product!

  •  HIGH PAYING CUSTOMERS: How to find your most valuable PAYERS on social media—how I earned $$$$ in 1 month from Instagram