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become a six figure ceo

1:1 mentorship breaking down what you need to do to build a business you love


 as seen in

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Oprah Winfrey

Throughout the last 5 years in business, I have been fortunate enough to learn from many greats…

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Richard Banson

…Allowing me to create and live an extraordinary life, building an 8 figure business.


work with me



Sometimes being an entrepreneur feels impossible, that's why I am offering the 2 hour 1:1 session.

Feeling lost and lonely? Don't know where to go next? Are you overwhelmed 🤯 with the next step to take, this strategy session will help solve your business concerns.

1:1 Power Coaching

Are you ready to smash your goals, while still living your best life? 

1:1 Power Coaching is for busy women that want to stay accountable to their goals and receive expert guidance along the way, from someone that has been there.

Find Your Superpower

Want to start a business but you don’t know if you have the skills required? You 100% have a superpower and there is a way to discover it!!!!!

In this mini-course, we are going to go through the 5 steps required to find your superpower.


Hi, I am Tara!

An 8 figure entrepreneur, business mentor to female entrepreneurs and a keynote speaker on female entrepreneurship.

I founded Resting Boss Face to help female entrepreneurs get their business dreams out of their heads and into the world.

My goal is to help 2020 females create and build a life they love through entrepreneurship by 2020.


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